photo 1Search the app store for the free WordPress 3

The first thing you will need to do is add the blog to the app.

We are running what is referred to as a Self-Hosted Blog. Click on that option in the bottom of the screen to proceed (see screen shot).

Enter your Username and Password that you use to access the Commons. Enter the URL of the blog site: eg: https://”mysite”, then click the Add Site button.
You should now see your site appearing in the app. Click on it to take you to the page that will allow you to create and edit posts.

You should now see the title of your site. Clicking on that provides access to the New Post options, among other functionality.

You photo 4can choose to Publish your update straight from the app, or Save the post and edit it later within the website interface.

A more comprehensive page has been created by the WordPress Mobile Development team: you can find it here.

There are WordPress Apps available for both Blackberry and Android.

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