I had a blog last year, but this year I am teaching something new. Do I need to create a new site? Can I delete my old page and start fresh? If so, how?

If the URL you had initially selected is not Grade specific eg. jbennett.commons.hwdsb.on.ca and not jbennettgrade1.commons.hwdsb.on.ca then you can just go in and delete all the posts.

delete postsIf you would rather start fresh, we can delete your old site and create a new fresh blog for you to play with. Alternatively, you can delete most of the content, leaving the customizations to the sidebar, or to the additional more static pages, and we can change the URL for you. Check out the A Good URL article for some tips on selecting a URL that will stand both the test of time, and the occasionally transient nature of the teaching profession (different schools, different grade assignments, etc.).

Contact your 21st Century Learning Consultant to help you with these different options.

Can I have my own domain?

Yes. We suggest establishing a .ca web domain to keep your content securely administrated by the Canadian Internet Registry Authority. Once you have your own domain, contact jarbenne to have your domain set up to map/point to your Commons blog.

http://easydns.ca is one of the companies we have successfully worked with in the past. Their $15 per year Domain Plus package is sufficient. We are always looking for local companies to partner with, so if you are a domain hosting service from the Hamilton Ontario area we are happy to link to your business as well.

Here are some examples of sites hosted on the Commons, but sporting their own domain:







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