2015-01-09_14-35-32The Events Calendar plugin creates a beautiful calendar on your site, that you can add events to as easily as you can add posts to your blog, but if you have an Outlook calendar (or any calendar that exports an iCal/.ics feed) you can have events that you add to that calendar automatically populate on your site. This GDoc: Syncing an Outlook Calendar with Events Calendar, explains the steps in more detail.

You will need to active three plugins on your site in order for this to work:


The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar Pro

The Events Calendar – iCalendar Importer

This feed address contains all of the board holidays, professional activity days, and rotary days listed:



Copy and paste this into one of the feed fields to add the board calendar to your site. If you are trying recreate something like this from our own O365 calendar, add an “s” to the “http” of the URL in order to ensure it will work.

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